Galin Tihanov, Queen Mary University, London - Power/Insurrection: Porshnev/Foucault, 4th seminar in specialist course 'Intellectuals on the margins'

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Wat Seminarie
Wanneer 28-03-2019
van 09:30 tot 16:00
Waar Simon Stevinzaal, Plateaustraat 22
Organisator Steven Vanden Broecke & Ben Dhooge

​Fourth seminar in the Specialist Course (Doctoral Schools) 'Intellectuals on the margins. Why and how to study the marginal/marginalized in intellectual, cultural and literary history', by Galin Tihanov

Like everyone else, academics live with histories explaining how their knowledge, ideas and culture came to be. Unlike everyone else, academics are also responsible for producing scientifically authorized versions of such histories. This double situation produces a tension, and it is this tension which this course seeks to explore and articulate. The course does so by questioning one of the most prominent features of the histories we live by: a narrative focus on intellectual and cultural ‘successes’ by ‘geniuses’ clearing a historical trajectory that ultimately leads to our modern, emancipated and rational selves. What happens when our histories try to focus on the marginal penumbra of our intellectual and cultural horizon rather than the bright sun of progress? 

The course aims to 

1) generate in-depth discussions on the issues this question raises; 
2) by focusing on the specialists’ research; 
3) and by exposing the PhD students to a variety of concepts, frameworks, theoretical insights, methodological issues, concrete case studies, etc. that can enable them to conceptualize, contextualize, analyze … the ((non)importance of) minor figures they encounter and / or focus on in their research.​